The Cathedral of Ferns - Looking for the Dinosaurs .. B+W


Camera: Nikon D810. Lens: 14-24mm/f2.8 @ 14mm. Shot at 11.37am on 19th May, 2015. It's impossible not to expect a Dinosaur to come lumbering around the Tree into the scene. As I composed this image, I was struck by the timelessness of what I was shooting. Shot from low-down on the Leaf-Mulch to accentuate the drama of the scene. What a place !This image is one of those rarities that look as compelling in B+W as it does in colour. B+W highlights the Textures & detail perfectly.

Display note: This is a Dark image. It explores Imaging at low Light levels; a subject I'm passionate about. For best enjoyment of this image, I advise positioning on a light-coloured wall, in a room with high levels of Ambient light. Dedicated image-lighting is recommended.

Image Size: 329 x 483mm - $290 (Framed Print, thru Paypal).

Larger sizes & alternate products are available, either as Framed Prints, Canvas, Ceramic, Glass or Metallic. These are handled on an individual basis. Please contact me through the Contact-page on this Web-site.  

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