Dark & Moody - below Audley Weir 3


Camera: Nikon D200. Lens: 18-200mm/f3.5-5.6.  Shot in February 2014, at Audley, in the Royal National Park. This image is of the Hacking River, below the Weir at Audley. One of a number of exposures on the day. Raining lightly, with very low light levels producing deep levels of Saturation. Keeping the Lens barrel dry with a handkerchief, & the Lens down. It had been raining for hours & days & weeks. Very rare in Sydney. Everywhere the foliage was lush; the ground soft.  In this image, the kayaker moves quickly through the scene. 

Image Size: 290 x 480mm - $290 (Framed Print, thru Paypal).

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