Cronulla Beach


Camera:Nikon D200. Lens: 18-200mm/f3.5-5.6 @18mm (27mm corrected). Shot in October 2011. I’d always wanted to shoot this scene as the definitive Cronulla Beach cliché image. The sunshine & gentle breeze combine with beach-goers of all ages, giving a typical colourful Beach scene. It even has the `Treasure-Seeker’ gentleman, who’s been searching for coins with his metal detector on Cronulla’s beaches for so long. I can’t wait to shoot Cronulla Beach again, when the refurbishment is complete.

Image Size:270 x 450mm.

Note: all images on this Website are available for purchase as Framed Prints. Image size is indicated above, & is based around a standardised  A3. A 75mm bevelled  Matt-board & Frame in a choice of colours covered by Perspex completes the picture. For further details, please see the Framing page.


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