A study in B+W of a special evening at Mt Blue Cow


Camera: Nikon D700. Lens: 35mm Prime. Shot at 4.42pm on 6th August, 2015. A 1/200th sec Manual exposure, with no Filters. The next (3rd) exposure from the series. As Dusk approached, I lay in the Snow, hoping for a miracle, & got 1. I shot 16 exposures of this scene, with the White Balance & Metering swinging madly. The Sun tantalised me for many minutes, & in this image, after the tantalising burst of weak colour, by the time I could assess my highlights, the Cloud took over once more. It was a brilliant shoot. And yes, my hands were frozen. This image is a study in Mono of that evening. Removing colour from the image enables the viewer to fully appreciate the detail in the image.  To view this image Full-Screen, go to: https://www.facebook.com/imagesatmurrays/photos/pb.468820293229377.-2207520000.1446500876./795060477272022/?type=3&theater

Image Size: 320 x 480mm - $290 (Framed Print, thru Paypal).

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