A Fiery Dusk over Tom Uglys ..


Camera: Nikon D810. Lens: 24mm Prime. Shot at 5.14pm on 14th July, 2015. 3 x 24mm Portrait exposures, stitched in Processing. I live 5 minutes drive from this shoot-site, & I love shooting Dusk here. Facing West towards Tom Uglys Bridge, tucked in next to the Boat-Ramp at Captain Cook Bridge. Dusk on this occasion didn't disappoint ... The colours were staggering !    

Display note: This is a Dark image. It explores Imaging at low Light levels; a subject I'm passionate about. For best enjoyment of this image, I advise positioning on a light-coloured wall, in a room with high levels of Ambient light. Dedicated image-lighting is recommended.

Image Size: 520 x 930mm.

Note: this image is a Special Size Panoramic , & can only be purchased by Special Order. Price on application. Contact me by email, & discuss your Frame & Mat-board preferences with me. I'd be happy to help.

Alternate sizes & products are available, either as Framed Prints, Canvas, Ceramic, Glass or Metallic. These are handled on an individual basis. Please contact me through the Contact-page on this Web-site. 

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