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   My current Favourite image; `Pre Dawn at Gravelly Beach' reaches back to July, 2015. I'd found this image whilst upgrading my back-up regime, which took me on an all-stations tour back through my Hard Drive. It was an interesting time, as I re-lived key shoots from recent years in my Photography. At the point this image was shot, I'd recently started shooting panoramic format images, & was enjoying the new-found compositional freedom it gave me. I'd started shooting in 24mm (Portrait !), having been inspired by the extraordinary scale of the images shot so beautifully by Ken Duncan & Leo Meier. 

   This image was shot at Gravelly Beach, on the NSW Central Coast. I was delighted with the detail & clarity I was able to achieve; so good that I felt I should have asked Craig Moxon (at bottom-right) for a signed model-release. Pre-Dawn images shot on clear-sky mornings can appear a bit low-impact by comparison with cloudy Dawns, & this one was going that way. I felt, though, that with the extra dynamic of the panoramic format, the true beauty of what a clear-sky dawn in the Blue hour can be, could be caught. The foreground looked amazing as the low light of pre-Dawn built, & I was excited that I had the 24mm Prime lens, shooting in Portrait format, which gave me the ability to capture the foreground as I was seeing it. This image looks best when viewed Full-screen; go to: processing, I found that I preferred `Perspective' over some more conventional stitching options; it enabled me to keep more of the foot of the image. In doing so, I was able to avoid the sensation that the foreground was literally at-my-feet, which I felt didn't suit this image. As well, keeping Craig's tripod-foot short of the foot of the image was crucial to the success of the image. It all worked. Happy as ..


   Ask a Photographer about his or her favourite image, & watch the consternation build ... Images are often gained after many months of planning & less-than-ideal shoots.  Curiously, once a favourite image is achieved, I've found myself viewing it somewhat differently afterwards. I don't like the image any less, but I do move on. And, it may not feature on the Web-site ! It's complicated ... My favourite Image can be expected to change, at any time.   

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