Dark & Moody

   The Dark & Moody gallery came about as a result of weather conditions unusual for Sydney. Australia exists in a state of semi-permanent `El-Nino' - a dry weather condition which can last for years on end. Between these tough dry years, though, is `La-Nina'; normally of shorter duration, & generally a time of rain & cloud. In Sydney, we get cloud from the sea regularly with the passage of our weather. But the thick layers of cloud that led to the "Dark & Moody" gallery are the result of an active Monsoon Trough, whereby we get weather from the warmer & very humid Tropical regions to Australia's north. 

   The Dark & Moody gallery showcases "London Light"; the kind of light you get in England. If you've ever stood at Buckingham Palace in the drizzle, you can't fail to have been stunned by the deeply saturated colours the scene takes on. Where the countryside takes on a vastly different appearance to `El-Nino', & where it's always raining, or trying to rain. The ambient Light takes on a diffuse character we don't see very often in Sydney. The colours of nature become deep & lush. The scenery around us looks like a great big  Soft-box; light is non-directional, & there are no Shadows. And, those Photographers who are slaves to Light (as opposed to those who are slaves to Colour - there's a difference ..!) run around shooting images that viewers could mistakenly assume were taken in England. 

   These images were shot in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, at Bundeena, Audley & Wattamolla. Nowhere near England. And the point about all this, is not to have a shot at the Poms (bless `em), but really to have a shot at Australia, or more correctly, the Australian Bush. Our bush-scapes are notoriously difficult to photograph effectively. The colours are drab & unexciting. Scenes which appear beautiful at the time of shooting, invariably need lots of attention when processing. Except in those rare times of `London Light'.