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* Mr & Mrs Wilson's Wedding - some alternate Processings December 02 2013

This Blog is an alternate, less formalised version of the Wedding of `our Cork' & Matt `I Should'nt be Alive !!' Wilson.

Cork: chillin' in the days before the big day. Perhaps on the Net, pin-pointing the Pattisseries & Bars ...


The Dress has arrived !! It's all starting to build ... (gee Cork; your bedroom's neat !)


the 1st Dance, given a bit of special attention in Photoshop. Showing good Form, you Guys ...


a closer look at the Dress (lovely Dress, Cork)


a Sepia take on a beautiful scene. I loved the Flower Lanterns.




 The Walk, with Rose Petals the size of Dinner Plates. 


The Wedding Walk is captured by a long line of enthusiastic friends.










This Blog would be incomplete without mention of Hugo the commissioned Photog.

Captured here, hard at work, Hugo was an integral part of the day. Love your work, Hugo.








the Floral arrangements were stunning; a labour of Love





a Tender moment in a lovely ceremony

and, a final image, celebrating the Dress. The Twirl pictured here was the definitive image of the wedding, with the Bride unable to contain her pleasure, & the groom close by with an expression of love that caught the imagination of all.

Best Wishes to Matt & Cork, from all your Friends.

* Mr & Mrs Wilson's Wedding - the Service, the Reception & an abridged `Walk' November 28 2013



* Mr & Mrs Wilson's Wedding - the Walk of Joy (or... 2 Fist-pumps & a Hi-Five - we're off to Paris !) November 28 2013