* Jessi & Mitch's Engagement; at`Splash' Tapas bar. December 17 2014

  Jessi contacted me in mid-September, asking me to quote to shoot their Engagement Party. What followed was, for a Photographer, a dream Gig. The Party was held at `Splash' Tapas, in North Cronulla, in late-November, 2014. The venue is an indoor-outdoor restaurant, & was the perfect setting, with lots of yummy-looking Food, open-plan & roomy ... The Light was variable, so needed care, but giving beautiful tones.  



There was a terrific turn-out, with friends & family of all ages busy congratulating & catching-up. Jess & Mitch were in high demand.  




The Selfie - that's a classic, right there, people...!!!

The whole afternoon was like that. It was huge ...!!!. So much Fun. 



I was surrounded by beautiful images, with beautiful Light. A photographer agog !




It's always tough to pick favourite images from a shoot, but being a Softie at heart, I'm going for this 1. Fellas; don't ever doubt the value of a kiss ...!!!


As time passed, people began to accept the idea that this was a gathering that needed to be recorded. The posing became more committed by the minute !! 



I got a USB of finished images to the engaged couple the next week-end. They were thrilled to watch their Engagement unfold all over again, on iPad, as we enjoyed a meal, at `Pure & Wicked' cafe, in the Cronulla Mall. Jessi's week was catching up with her. They'd been busy all week, as you are when such a momentous milestone is announced. As we parted, Jessi & Mitch were off again, catching-up with yet more friends ... Best wishes, Jessi & Mitch. Thanks for inviting me to shoot your Engagement. It was terrific !! Your mates RULE ...!

From a technical stand-point (ok; I'm a nerd, but you've gotta be if you're a Shooter !), I shot with a Nikon D700 body, a Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8 Zoom, & SB-900 Flash, with a Diffusion Dome above a Wide-Angle Flash Adapter, with 3 strobes of pre-Flash. Not 1 Red-Eye image, with the Light being beautifully soft & diffuse...