* Lily - 4 weeks old, & totally gorgeous ... March 25 2014

   Lily was born on Friday, February 14th, 2014; the first-born for Sophie & Brett; neighbours where I live, in Cronulla.  I was invited to photograph Lily for their Family record, & accepted eagerly.  I was struck by the flawless beauty of Lily’s complexion; skin as smooth as the finest Porcelain, & with a soft texture that I hoped I’d capture  – a far cry from the sun-kissed skin of this 60 year old Photographer. 

   Photographing new-borns is an exciting experience. The shoot progressed from an early calm & tranquillity, to an energetic state that challenged us all. The formal compositions coincided with such a period. Grandma Jan assisted lovingly, wardrobe changes came & went, & Lily gave us periods of calm & crying, in equal measure.  And, throughout the shoot, one thing remained constant. Lily looked beautiful. 


   Photographers see all, sooner or later. The act of Photographing someone usually exposes a subject’s frailties & strengths, & all Photographers will agree surprising moments are revealed during image Processing. Whilst processing the `Lily at 4 Weeks’ shoot, I was struck by the number of times Lily connected with us, giving eye contact with an apparent mind-connection (at 4 weeks of age) that surprised me. 


   In compiling this Blog, it was always going to be challenging deciding what to leave out. So many images of Lily had an appeal of some sort. And, once the Crop begins, Processing can go on forever. I always ask myself, towards the end of a shoot’s processing, which images are my favourites. Certainly, the 2 images of Lily on Grandma’s shoulder; giving us eye-contact & then doing a `Super-woman’ pose .. The images you see here are only part of the answer.  I had in mind a Blog of perhaps a dozen images. I got the field down to 19 !! So many terrific images `hit the floor’, & every culled image hurt.

   Early prints looked stunning, straight off the printer. The inevitable cuteness of new-borns wrapped in soft fabrics & pastel colours, enhanced by maximum Aperture. 


Lily; looking amazing



   My sincere thanks to Sophie & Brett, for allowing me to photograph their Lily. Sophie, Brett & Jan gave lots of themselves, at a time when a household works to a very different beat. 

Best Wishes to all, especially Lily.

Lily was amazing.