* The Lindsay-Thus Family Portrait session. March 17 2014

For this Portraiture shoot, I was delighted to have a charming & most accommodating Client, in the Lindsay-Thus family. From a photographer's point of view, a more photogenic Client simply couldn't happen. But the real beauty was within. The Lindsay-Thus family gel nicely; 4 members of a family, all individuals & comfortable with themselves, & clearly at ease within the family.



The shoot took place on a Sunday evening, the 23rd February, 2014; at Salmon Haul, on the southern end of the Cronulla Peninsula. Bundeena Bay & the Royal National Park was the back-drop, with the light switching between diffuse overcast, & sharp-ish late afternoon Gold. Fill-flash was used throughout, with 3 stops (!!) of compensation required at 1 point.




One of the pleasant dilemmas I had to contend with, was the decision whether to go colour, or B&W. My initial processing was in colour, & I loved it straight off. Ellie, in choosing 6 images for Printing, requested B&W's across the board. The Tonality of the Greyscale version straight off the printer (my beloved Canon Pro-1) took my breath away, increasing my dilemma. The image below, of Ellie & David, is ever-so-slightly-desaturated. 






Both Yasmin & Jess were relaxed, as they took instruction (!). 




Speaking for myself, the Lindsay-Thus shoot was a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening. Thank you's to Ellie, David, Jess & Yasmin. Their tolerance of the Photographic process was greatly appreciated (it can't be fun, can it ...; spending your evening trying to look your best, whilst someone points a Lens at you & tries to blind you with Red-Eye Flash ..!).

Best Wishes, you Guys ..


Footnote. December 2014. The image at the head of this Post, of Ellie & David, is 1 of my favourite-ever images. It captures the bond between a husband & wife perfectly, & every time I see it, I marvel at the smoothness of the tones. Beautiful...