Winter - the most Beautiful time of year .. July 16 2016

The most Beautiful time of year ?

Winter: that magical season. Gone so quickly ..

Some images make words superfluous.

This week's image: `Centre Valley - an intimate Skiiers Perspective' tells the story of a Winter's day, in Perisher Valley.

The scene is a celebration of Skiing at it's best. No-one around to spoil a special time, but tracks into the unknown, telling you they're there & hinting at what's to come. Poor visibility adds to the mood, conveying a sense of peace & silence.



Available as a block-mounted Canvas, in sizes up to 550 x 1815mm, this image looks best in a room with good levels of indirect Light. It's a special-size Panoramic image, with cost being dependant on size & despatch details. It can be viewed at:, or bookmark the New Images gallery. Please contact me through the Website; I'll call you back & we can discuss your requirements.