* Wollongong Botanic Gardens; a Spring MeetnGreet with the "Aussie Photography" on-line Forum. September 18 2014

   It's always a struggle, deciding on choice of Lens. I love big images. It's what I do; foreground, middle ground, background. When I accepted the Invitation to go on this Outing, my first thought was `what Lens'. In the end, I opted for an all-purpose Zoom; the Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8. In hindsight, I'd have preferred a Micro Lens. Which gives me a reason to go back ! Here are a couple of images from a great Day.

 It was a very pleasant morning, getting to see the various sections of the gardens, & meeting the people from "Aussie Photography" was terrific. The weather was overcast, which was ideal. Minimal shadows make for good conditions for shooting. Best of all, though, was meeting people who's Photography I've long admired, on Facebook. Julie Bryant, Tamara Ottessen & Colin Talbot were great company; and the images they've posted on the "Aussie Photography" Facebook forum are absolutely stunning. I've included the Hyperlink at the foot of this Post ..

The gardens are situated at the foot of Mt Ousley, a pleasant drive down the Freeway, South from Cronulla. The Cactii & Succulents garden is a highlight. I'll be back, with my Nikkor 60mm F/2.8 Micro Lens !