* Varney's Bridge on a Sunny Day March 03 2014

I've shot Varney's Bridge a thousand times, almost always in the Rain. I've never been happy enough with the result to display an image. The area floods easily these days, with the Audley Weir silted up badly. When it floods, the beautiful water-grasses get smashed, usually taking a year to recover from the damage. This image was shot on a Sunny day, when park-goers hire row-boats & enjoy the park from the water. It's reminiscent of days-gone-by, when it was a major Day-tripper destination for Sydney-siders. Normally my `go-to' for `Dark & Moody' images, this day was reasonably Sunny. Processing with Unsharp Mask highlights the Trunks & Branches of the Trees in this scene. This image was shot in Spring, in November, 2011. I have images shot in other seasons, when the old bark is peeling from the trees, leaving an incredible Salmon Pink layer exposed beneath. Over-processing gives an `Impressionist' feel to this image, which I think suits the scene. This image is available for purchase, & can be found in the `Royal National Park' gallery.