* Sandstone Textures & Crepuscular Rays - Oak Park 11th July 2014. July 11 2014

If I were to pick a theme to describe this morning's pre-Dawn shoot, I would struggle. And, that typifies shooting a Dawn. As the Light changes, the way you shoot changes in tandem. The 1st Exposure was 69 secs at 5.54am (60 mins before Sun-up). Torch-work was necessary to achieve a foreground. The Cape Bailey lighthouse stands guard.  

The 2nd Exposure was all about achieving defintion of the Crepuscular rays, as the Sun's rays emerge through the off-shore pollution. I under-exposed to enhance the rays, with a 2-stop Grad Filter. 6.27am, 0.8 sec @ F/8.

3rd Exposure is all about the Sandstone; Texture & Colour. Subtle & beautiful. 

4th Exposure @ 6.53am. 0.5 sec @ F/16. I wanted to emphasise the movement of the incoming wave, as well as the detail in the rock-pools at my feet. Love this. 

Emphasising movement once more, but it's all about the early rays of the Sun in the droplets of the incoming wave. And tomorrow's Lens ?. 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom.

* Bundeena Driftwood @ 24mm - Poster Edges Texture. March 05 2014

Recently, I posted an image Blog about the last light of Day at Bundeena Wharf. Some Drift-wood (well, a Drift-Tree, really ..) featured in that image, & caught my imagination. In my mind's eye, I saw an image of quirky shape & beautiful wooden textures & colours, captured in perfect evening Light & immortalised forever as a Blog on the "Images at Murrays" Blog-page. I vowed I'd be back ..., & when I got back, some weeks later, the evening Light was dirty Grey, with heavy Cloud down to the horizon. Typical Sydney in Summer !!. Undeterred, I shot some images at wide angle, & in Processing, did some split-Toning & added a Texture to highlight the grain of the wood. And, I'll persist in my quest for Driftwood in perfect Light at Bundeena Wharf. Stay tuned !