* Full (Super) Moon at Wattamolla - 9th September 2014. September 10 2014

   I've been chasing the definitive Full Moon images, for ages now. I still haven't got them. but, last night, I came close... Over the period, I've been disappointed with Lens choice, Composition, other people in the images (it's Digital, mate. take it again ..), not to mention the weather. I've put a lot of time in at Wattamolla lately (more about that, soon ...), & I've been rained on & rained out a LOT (who said it never rains in Australia..).                                  Last night was beautiful. Just superb. The way the Light hit the northern headland was breath-taking. The colour the Light took on as the Moon climbed up to the Cloud layer was superb. The clarity of the scene was absolute. In the following images, I've done just enough Light-Painting to bring the fore-ground into the image, & just enough Shadows conversion to give detail to the Headland. I'm still shaking my head at the silhouette of the Headland ...

* Greys Skies = Textures - Oak Park 15th July 2014. July 15 2014

It seems like ages since I saw a clear Dawn sky at Oak Park. A solid cloud cover gave a warmer morning, & I was comfortable as I concentrated on photographing the rocks & sand around the rocky foreshore. The 1st image highlights 1 of the features of the area. Shown here is the water that constantly seeps into the sea, coming from underneath the ground. The area is underlain  with a solid layer of rock,. which causes drainage issues amongst the land--owners here. At various points in the rocky foreshore, little rivulets of water can be found welling up from the water table. 

I love the outcrops of rock around the area. Fantastic textures & colours, worn smooth by the never-ending grind of waves & sand. The amount of sand movement here is amazing !

Shades of Grey, making capturing interesting compositions difficult. It's said that a worthy Photographer can shoot anything, & make it look interesting ...!!!

 Jibbon Head, parked beneath a solid layer of coastal cloud. Ah, the serenity (that's my `Castle' moment ..

* A Grey Dawn - Oak Park 14th July 2014. July 14 2014

For a change, this morning dawned Grey & uninviting. Quite a change from recent weeks, where I've had mostly clear Dawns along with the odd semi-Cloudy one. This morning followed on from the Saturday evening, when I came to Oak Park to shoot the Full Moon, & failed due to the sudden Cloud cover. My 1st Exposure here is a 30 sec shot, @ 6.25am. The colour-cast from the Night-lights on the Esplanade lend a deep-golden hue. Torch-work assisted in defining the far rocks as well as the foreground. Looking South, across the Pool to Bundeena at the top of the image.

I shot this morning with the 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom, & enjoyed the challenge of compacted Compositions with the compression characteristic of Zoom Lenses. Exposure 0.4 sec @ F/3.5 at 6.44am. Low Tide makes the pool wall seem higher than usual. 

 No stunning pre-Dawn light this morning. Almost enough to give me Monday-itus. The mid-year holidays finish today - back to work, everybody !! HaveaGoodDay.

* "Improve your Photography" workshops - Oak Park 12th July 2014. July 12 2014

Clear & Cold once again, with good Colour. This 1st image is a 60 sec exposure @ F/11, taken at 5.56am. Some Torch-work to highlight the Hand-rails & signs. The Lens is the 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom, which is a nice fit for both these images. It's a Lens I should use more often (I do like my Primes !). 

The 2nd image is an Exposure with 5 stop of ND Filters, giving a Shutter speed of 1 sec. I'm hoping to get some classic `Wave-trails" motion images next week. I'd hoped also to get some images of the Full Moon, in this morning's shoot. As that didn't happen, I'll be back down to Oak Park tonight, to chase the Moon some more. (And, I'll be howling if I don't get some useable images ...). I was joined in this morning's shoot by Kevin Weir, Jim Merchant & his partner Cheryl (who's also a most capable Shooter .. !). Jim, Cheryl & I talked over breakfast about the "Improve Your Photography" workshop business Jim's just established on Meetup; the World-wide Internet-based group. I'll be signing on as well (as soon as I finish this Blog !). So, if your'e unhappy with your shooting, contact us on the Meetup "Improve your Photography" web-site. We'll put the enjoyment & exciting results into your Photography - guaranteed !

* Sandstone Textures & Crepuscular Rays - Oak Park 11th July 2014. July 11 2014

If I were to pick a theme to describe this morning's pre-Dawn shoot, I would struggle. And, that typifies shooting a Dawn. As the Light changes, the way you shoot changes in tandem. The 1st Exposure was 69 secs at 5.54am (60 mins before Sun-up). Torch-work was necessary to achieve a foreground. The Cape Bailey lighthouse stands guard.  

The 2nd Exposure was all about achieving defintion of the Crepuscular rays, as the Sun's rays emerge through the off-shore pollution. I under-exposed to enhance the rays, with a 2-stop Grad Filter. 6.27am, 0.8 sec @ F/8.

3rd Exposure is all about the Sandstone; Texture & Colour. Subtle & beautiful. 

4th Exposure @ 6.53am. 0.5 sec @ F/16. I wanted to emphasise the movement of the incoming wave, as well as the detail in the rock-pools at my feet. Love this. 

Emphasising movement once more, but it's all about the early rays of the Sun in the droplets of the incoming wave. And tomorrow's Lens ?. 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom.

* Major Swell, Beautiful pre-Dawn, Tuition classes (?) - Oak Park 10th July 2014. July 10 2014

With the Wedding Photographer's pet Lens mounted, I arrived at Oak Park about 70 minutes before Sun-up. Ready for anything. The forecast is for a major change in weather, with cold winds. I started shooting from the back of the Park. I could see cloud, or rather, 1 large Cloud. The 1st Exposure shows the slow build-up of colour (it took more than 30 minutes to reach it's peak). The park lights are on, & a car sits behind me with it's Head-lights on, as a Surfer studies the Swell. And there's lots to study. The Swell is big.  

The colour was beautiful, with Full Pastel Pinks. The Park lights were off by this late stage, giving the colour maximum effect. Gee, it's a beautiful place. The Council did a great job of the re-furbishment. It lends images of this sort a terrific structure. A Photographer's Dream. Just add colour !. This image ia available for purchase as a Framed Print, & can be found in the New Images galleries.

The swell was increasing as the Sun got above the horizon. The early Sun smashed us with a strong Gold colour, which I had to tone down in Processing. 

All along the walk-way above the coast, early-morning exercisers were taking in the increasing swell & the beautiful Sun-rise. Surfers were going out at Windy Point, to the North.

The rocks at Oak Park continue to fascinate me. I expect to see lots more rock tomorrow, with Sand being scoured away rapidly. 

A Study of the beautiful colour in the sandstone at water level. 

I took 1 for the team, here. I managed to get the gear up out of the way, & was left standing in a wave swirling up to mid-Shin. I didn't push my luck ... Tomorrow's Lens ? 35mm Prime. Conditions ?. I suspect tomorrow will be Stormy. As a late note, I'm having exploratory talks with a fellow Photographer, about running Tuition classes. I'll keep you posted. HaveaGoodDay.

* A Lens Change - Oak Park 7th July 2014. July 07 2014

Cold & clear was the forecast once again, & I stayed under the covers a little longer, as a result. I wanted to concentrate on the after-Dawn light, today, as I was bringing a 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom to Oak Park. I wanted to concentrate on the small picture today: Detail, Light & Compression. We're facing a major weather change in coming days, which could blow away the pollution that gives us our Dawn colour. I need to make the most of this beautiful Light whilst we have it. Typically, off-shore cloud delayed the Sun-rise. 

The seagulls have a cleaning session in the 1st rays of the Sun, every morning. 

This guy struck out on his own, to sample some of the Weed growing on the rocks. The other gulls were watching carefully, in case he got some food they hadn't seen.

Surfers were happy. There's a fair amount of swell on the horizon at the moment. The water's getting cooler, Macca tells me ..

Clean conditions with the off-shore breeze.

The rocks are a lovely aspect of Oak Park, especially around Sun-up. The Zoom Lens gave me lots of different options, this morning. I'll be using a different Lens every day; challenging myself to make the most of the compositions on offer with each Lens. HaveaGoodDay ...

* Crepuscular Rays & a Big Swell; Oak Park 16th June 2014. June 16 2014

I arrived at Oak Park at about 5.40am, in the dark, as usual. There was no early colour in the Sky, which surprised me. Usually, after a cold night, we get a clear Sky, which usually gives early colour. But there was something else, that was for sure. The Swell was up. Although I couldn't see it, I could hear it. Booming. The Tide had just turned, & was in-coming. I'd have to be careful about my Shooting position. 

I positioned myself on the leading edge of the exposed rock-shelf, confident (in the total darkness) that I'd assessed the situation safely, & left enough margin for Safety. My feet were about 1 metre above the Reef. Ultimately, it was just enough. I ended up moving in haste, after the 1st wave of a big Set washed around my Boots. If you've ever seen a Photographer hoick up a 2-metre Tripod, with a Camera/Lens/Filter in position, you've seen scared. I was lucky, in my 1st brush with the Coastal Dawn Photographer's worst nightmare. I retreated to higher ground, North of the reef, & watched as the Surfers tried to pick waves from among the close-out Sets. The pre-Dawn was beautiful, with Crepuscular Rays streaking up from the horizon. Stunning. The `Jellybean Minstrels' had been, sung & gone, & I was frozen, as usual. Another fantastic morning; another Day had begun, at Oak Park.