* A Sneek Peek at the next project ... December 16 2014

Soon ...

* Light-Painting at Audley - Saturday night, 27th September 2014. September 28 2014

The weather last night was fine, with clear skies. Perfect for Light-Painting. I decided to do some Torch-work (I was taping the footy ..). I'd gone originally to Wattamolla, to find people were having a picnic (at night !), on the waterfall. Rather than trash their night, I took my plan B. Driving back to Audley, I did my 1st session of Light-Painting, at Dance-Hall Flat. This image looks West, up the river - a view I've always loved. It's another big image, in the style I enjoy; an 11 minute Bulb Exposure, at F/8 & ISO 100, with the Ducks & Water-hens hissing & honking all around me (Wow - that was amazing .. !), & the whole thing just wrapping-up in time for me to exit before the gates shut, at 8.30pm. Very satisfying. For those who are interested in some Tuition in this unique aspect of Photography, I'll be basing my `In-the-Field' Tuition at this venue. Just send me an email, from the Contact page on my Web-site.

* Light-Painting Tuition - You Can Do This ...! September 26 2014

   If you've been wondering how images like this are created (& yes, they are created; it's not just a matter of taking a shot ..), why not get some Tuition on how to do it. Light-Painting can be done with very basic gear, & exciting results are possible even in the convenience of your own Garden !  Exciting images are all around us, & with the wonderful versatility of current-day DSLR's, you can easily create your own Lounge-room Gallery of Framed originals. For Tuition in how to create quality images like this large-scale Exposure at the beautiful Wattamolla Lagoon, contact me through the Contact page of my Web-site. I'll talk you through some Details, & we're away ! Why not team up with a friend, for a 2-on-1 Photography tuition session that'll leave you excited at the possibilities in store. Go to the Contact screen, & leave a message for me. Let's start creating ..

* What a Difference a Day makes ...or, Super-Moon plus 1 Day. September 17 2014

   All enthused after successfully capturing the Super-Moon, I backed up for another shot at it, the next night. Now, the Moon loses an hour a night, & also changes it's point of ascension. I'd found an exciting shooting-position as I'd walked out the previous night. So...

the 1st image was gained from where I've been doing recent work on my next Project ... (soon ..). Beautiful light ...

the Moon rose above the horizon well North of the previous night, & I waited at least 1/4 hr (it took ages ..) to ascend above the Northern headland at Wattamolla. The looming-Moon lightshow was really spectacular...

probably better than the actual moon viewing. Beautiful, though. If you ever shoot the Full Moon, try (very hard) to shoot the 1st night. The colours in the image are way superior. Till next time ..!

* Full (Super) Moon at Wattamolla - 9th September 2014. September 10 2014

   I've been chasing the definitive Full Moon images, for ages now. I still haven't got them. but, last night, I came close... Over the period, I've been disappointed with Lens choice, Composition, other people in the images (it's Digital, mate. take it again ..), not to mention the weather. I've put a lot of time in at Wattamolla lately (more about that, soon ...), & I've been rained on & rained out a LOT (who said it never rains in Australia..).                                  Last night was beautiful. Just superb. The way the Light hit the northern headland was breath-taking. The colour the Light took on as the Moon climbed up to the Cloud layer was superb. The clarity of the scene was absolute. In the following images, I've done just enough Light-Painting to bring the fore-ground into the image, & just enough Shadows conversion to give detail to the Headland. I'm still shaking my head at the silhouette of the Headland ...

* Panoramic Image of Wattamolla Waterfall August 30 2014

As a Photographer, you have to know your locale. I knew the Lagoon at Wattamolla was carrying a lot of water, with the sand at the exit to the Sea being fairly silted-up. With the recent solid rain (Hallelujiyah !!), I figured the sand might be washed out some ... ? And, so it proved. Despite the incredible volume of water going through the Lagoon, due to the Sand erosion at the beach, the Lagoon is about 11/2 metres shallower now than 2 months ago (the last time I checked). The lower water level enabled access closer to the Waterfall, giving this  VERY special composition. 

* A Foggy start at Audley - 9th August 2014. August 09 2014

A Fog prediction was issued for Sydney, & I scurried through the pre-Dawn, to the Royal National Park, at Audley.

I caught some beautiful images, & this is an early preview.

The Sun is breaking through the Fog at this point. 

A beautiful sight.

More soon ... (I expect an image from this shoot will be offered for sale, in an "Old World" style. Looking forward to that ..)




* Greys Skies = Textures - Oak Park 15th July 2014. July 15 2014

It seems like ages since I saw a clear Dawn sky at Oak Park. A solid cloud cover gave a warmer morning, & I was comfortable as I concentrated on photographing the rocks & sand around the rocky foreshore. The 1st image highlights 1 of the features of the area. Shown here is the water that constantly seeps into the sea, coming from underneath the ground. The area is underlain  with a solid layer of rock,. which causes drainage issues amongst the land--owners here. At various points in the rocky foreshore, little rivulets of water can be found welling up from the water table. 

I love the outcrops of rock around the area. Fantastic textures & colours, worn smooth by the never-ending grind of waves & sand. The amount of sand movement here is amazing !

Shades of Grey, making capturing interesting compositions difficult. It's said that a worthy Photographer can shoot anything, & make it look interesting ...!!!

 Jibbon Head, parked beneath a solid layer of coastal cloud. Ah, the serenity (that's my `Castle' moment ..