* Wattamolla; shooting Cyclone Ita at Providential Point. April 20 2014

I'm spending more time in the Royal National Park these days. Lots of Photographic opportunities & time spent in the great outdoors. I always feel refreshed afterwards. On this Easter Friday, I did the short walk out to the Southern headland at Wattamolla - Providential Point. Our authorities had been quick to predict a powerful swell from ex-tropical Cyclone Ita, as it gave NZ a battering. As expected, the swell turned on in spectacular style.

These images are taken 40 metres above the water, looking down (which tends to flatten perspective). The power beneath me was scary. The sets powered through relentlessly, & the ground shook with each breaking wave. For me, an ex-Surfer, it was a humbling display of raw power.

I was perched on a rock-shelf, with views up & down the coast. In my line-of-sight were lots of huge boulders, scattered at random at the foot of the cliffs; all fallen from the cliff-face over countless years. It was difficult for me to convince myself that my vantage point was solid, as the sets rumbled through non-stop. It was awe-inspiring. I felt very exposed & insignificant.

To the south, the headland had a perfectly-shaped rock-shelf, on which sat a rock that I'd have to think was as big as a semi-trailer. The spray from the breaking waves dwarfed the scene, & as each wave passed, the rock-shelf would be left with a bridal-veil of receding water. It was a beautiful sight.  

Footnote: this Blog was done to the music of Bob Dylan (Tom Thumb's Blues - Sweet Melinda).

The waves keep pounding away, at Providential Point.

I'll be back.


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