* Mickey Dora & Jess Tyler-Craft; Oak Park 1st July 2014. July 01 2014

I've been doing an amount of Light-Painting in recent times, so I thought I'd sleep in a bit (remember what happened last time I said that ..!), & concentrate on the Dawn & post-Dawn colours. The pre-Dawn was clear, with distant Coastal cloud, so I was confident of Crepuscular rays. And, so it proved. Beautiful colours, if low-key. Using a 3-Stop Grad Filter, to pull the foreground into the image (it's still very dark down at my feet; it's 6.36am; Sun-rise is at 7.01am).

The cool conditions weren't stopping the fishermen from doing a Dawn drift off the reef.

A Surfer making like Mickey Dora ... (Google it ...Da Cat !).

Late in the shoot, I started chatting to a young female shooter, who proved to be Jess Tyler-Craft. Armed with a Canon 7D, & an 18-105mm F/3.5-5.6, she was seeking that special Dawn shot that makes our Day. I can't find her on Facebook, which is annoying, because I'm sure I've seen her posts previously.

A peaceful, beautiful Dawn. Worth getting up early for ? Absolutely !