* The FOCUS Photography group Dawn shoot; Cape Bailey 21st June 2014. June 21 2014

 I was excited to attend the Cape Bailey Dawn shoot, with the FOCUS Photography group. I'd not seen the Cape Bailey Lighthouse, & was eager to change that. This area sits North of the legendary Voodoo surf break, & I hadn't returned to this area for surely 30 years. My recce visit the previous evening was an emotional one. The access track was now a tarred road, but once I reached the coast, Deja Vu went rife in my mind. In my surfing days, I'd never ventured North (very-Surf-oriented in those days ..). This morning, I headed North, with Carolyn Davis & a Torch for company. The walk was easy, taking perhaps 20 minutes. The Lighthouse, it has to be said, is an under-whelming structure, especially if compared with some of Australia's classics. Nevertheless, it sits in the landscape comfortably, & the landscape is absolutely, staggeringly beautiful.  

We had a lovely pre-Dawn, with some gentle Crepuscular rays & stunning (although distant) Cloud. We shared the Sun-rise with more Pods of Whales at 1 time than I can remember seeing - very close inshore. The Light had that gentle quality I still struggle to describe. Looking away from the Sea, the scene was bathed in this incredibly delicate Light. It was fantastic. I count myself very lucky to have seen it. And, the Lighthouse sits, compact in the scene. Just perfect. 

 The cliff-top shares similar, heavily-scarred Sandstone as the Cape Solander area, just to the North. Carolyn & I passed some impressive hanging swamps, utterly untouched. The track was good (that makes a change; all the Tracks should be good ..!!!). Did I mention it was Chilly ?. The off-shore breeze cut through my Layers as though they weren't there.

This area sits, so close to the Cronulla to Wanda region ... It's within sight as you look South. The lights twinkled in the Dawn light. It was a great way to start the Day. Thanks FOCUS !!. Well done.. !!!. I'll be back ..