* Minnamurra Island; an untouched Beauty. June 10 2014

My 1st visit to Minnamurra Island happened on the 31st May, 2014. As always, it was to be a recce trip, which would include Boneyard & the infamous Bombo Quarry. It was always going to be a busy day. Now, on recce visits, Photographers do technical stuff like planning images. Plotting shadow areas & Sun angle; Tides, Wind direction; planning Lenses for images. All pretty dry stuff, but essential for successful Photography. As soon as I walked into the 1st image, I realised I had to move quick. I'd jagged a beautiful area, with lots of boxes ticked. Cloud, Tide, Breeze, absence of people in frame. All good. 

Minnamurra Island sits beautifully remote. Stuck out off the coast. Windang Island is similar. It highlights how old Australia is; that the weathering process could be so far advanced that features like the Island sit as they do. Return in a million years, & not much will have changed (unless man intervenes, of course. There are no guarantees ...)

 I shot 3 images of Minnamurra Island, & hurried off to continue my recce trip. But, these 3 images are special. They show how lucky we are to have such unspoilt beauty within 80 minutes drive of Cronulla. In the top image, Mystics & the Farm are 2 surf-spots featured from my Surfing youth. I'll certainly be shooting them. 

Footnote. I got rained out at Boneyard (another surf-spot from my youth), by the cloud featured in the 1st image above. Life's like that. A great day, all up. Brought back lots of memories. Looking forward to shooting Windang Island, as well. Talk soon.

* Wattamolla; shooting Cyclone Ita at Providential Point. April 20 2014

I'm spending more time in the Royal National Park these days. Lots of Photographic opportunities & time spent in the great outdoors. I always feel refreshed afterwards. On this Easter Friday, I did the short walk out to the Southern headland at Wattamolla - Providential Point. Our authorities had been quick to predict a powerful swell from ex-tropical Cyclone Ita, as it gave NZ a battering. As expected, the swell turned on in spectacular style.

These images are taken 40 metres above the water, looking down (which tends to flatten perspective). The power beneath me was scary. The sets powered through relentlessly, & the ground shook with each breaking wave. For me, an ex-Surfer, it was a humbling display of raw power.

I was perched on a rock-shelf, with views up & down the coast. In my line-of-sight were lots of huge boulders, scattered at random at the foot of the cliffs; all fallen from the cliff-face over countless years. It was difficult for me to convince myself that my vantage point was solid, as the sets rumbled through non-stop. It was awe-inspiring. I felt very exposed & insignificant.

To the south, the headland had a perfectly-shaped rock-shelf, on which sat a rock that I'd have to think was as big as a semi-trailer. The spray from the breaking waves dwarfed the scene, & as each wave passed, the rock-shelf would be left with a bridal-veil of receding water. It was a beautiful sight.  

Footnote: this Blog was done to the music of Bob Dylan (Tom Thumb's Blues - Sweet Melinda).

The waves keep pounding away, at Providential Point.

I'll be back.


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* Little Garie & the Illawarra Escarpment February 12 2014

I sit at my Computer, with the mid-afternoon Sun streaming in. I watch as the afternoon progresses, trying to ignore the developing late-afternoon light. Trying to concentrate on something that doesn't really have to be done right now...I tell myself, for the 1,000th time, to concentrate...., & suddenly I find myself in the car, driving through the Royal, inevitably towards Garie. This image was the successful result of such a typical afternoon in my life. Rarely am I so lucky. The scene was so peaceful. After making sure I'd caught the best of it, I sat watching as the Day became Night. I left the car-park at 8.35pm, narrowly avoiding being locked in, & having to pay for the Gates to be re-opened. I'd had a swim, & bagged 1 of the best.. The memory of the late-evening Sun lighting up the Salt-laden sea-breeze won't be lost with the passing of time, because it's going to take its place as a Framed Print on the feature-wall at home. This image is available for purchase, & can be found in the `Royal National Park' collection.