* Bundeena Driftwood @ 24mm - Poster Edges Texture. March 05 2014

Recently, I posted an image Blog about the last light of Day at Bundeena Wharf. Some Drift-wood (well, a Drift-Tree, really ..) featured in that image, & caught my imagination. In my mind's eye, I saw an image of quirky shape & beautiful wooden textures & colours, captured in perfect evening Light & immortalised forever as a Blog on the "Images at Murrays" Blog-page. I vowed I'd be back ..., & when I got back, some weeks later, the evening Light was dirty Grey, with heavy Cloud down to the horizon. Typical Sydney in Summer !!. Undeterred, I shot some images at wide angle, & in Processing, did some split-Toning & added a Texture to highlight the grain of the wood. And, I'll persist in my quest for Driftwood in perfect Light at Bundeena Wharf. Stay tuned !                         

* Little Garie & the Illawarra Escarpment February 12 2014

I sit at my Computer, with the mid-afternoon Sun streaming in. I watch as the afternoon progresses, trying to ignore the developing late-afternoon light. Trying to concentrate on something that doesn't really have to be done right now...I tell myself, for the 1,000th time, to concentrate...., & suddenly I find myself in the car, driving through the Royal, inevitably towards Garie. This image was the successful result of such a typical afternoon in my life. Rarely am I so lucky. The scene was so peaceful. After making sure I'd caught the best of it, I sat watching as the Day became Night. I left the car-park at 8.35pm, narrowly avoiding being locked in, & having to pay for the Gates to be re-opened. I'd had a swim, & bagged 1 of the best.. The memory of the late-evening Sun lighting up the Salt-laden sea-breeze won't be lost with the passing of time, because it's going to take its place as a Framed Print on the feature-wall at home. This image is available for purchase, & can be found in the `Royal National Park' collection.

* Last Light at Bundeena Wharf February 12 2014

The last rays of light can transform an image, from a pleasant scene to something special. At that point, on `Special Light' evenings, Photographers can be seen scrambling for ideal compositions, in the hope they'll capture the beauty of that time - the transition point between Day & Night. We try to include areas of interest within the image, attempting to add extra dimensions to images that can otherwise seem somewhat lost. This image, taken at a very low tide, offered lots of scope, with Driftwood & plenty of exposed rock to fill up the foreground. This image is available for purchase, & can be found in the `Royal National Park' collection. I'll be returning to this site, to get an image where the Driftwood is the subject.