* The Water-hens & Ducklings of Audley January 14 2015

I proudly announce the opening of the latest Gallery: 

The Water-hens & Ducklings of Audley ...

Just a note of caution, here... they're cute ... 

* A Sneek Peek at the next project ... December 16 2014

Soon ...

* Light-Painting at Audley - Saturday night, 27th September 2014. September 28 2014

The weather last night was fine, with clear skies. Perfect for Light-Painting. I decided to do some Torch-work (I was taping the footy ..). I'd gone originally to Wattamolla, to find people were having a picnic (at night !), on the waterfall. Rather than trash their night, I took my plan B. Driving back to Audley, I did my 1st session of Light-Painting, at Dance-Hall Flat. This image looks West, up the river - a view I've always loved. It's another big image, in the style I enjoy; an 11 minute Bulb Exposure, at F/8 & ISO 100, with the Ducks & Water-hens hissing & honking all around me (Wow - that was amazing .. !), & the whole thing just wrapping-up in time for me to exit before the gates shut, at 8.30pm. Very satisfying. For those who are interested in some Tuition in this unique aspect of Photography, I'll be basing my `In-the-Field' Tuition at this venue. Just send me an email, from the Contact page on my Web-site.

* A Foggy start at Audley - 9th August 2014. August 09 2014

A Fog prediction was issued for Sydney, & I scurried through the pre-Dawn, to the Royal National Park, at Audley.

I caught some beautiful images, & this is an early preview.

The Sun is breaking through the Fog at this point. 

A beautiful sight.

More soon ... (I expect an image from this shoot will be offered for sale, in an "Old World" style. Looking forward to that ..)