* A Confronting scene in Pashupatinath, & a correction ..! December 03 2014

On an earlier stage of that Trekking holiday (see previous Blog), I travelled through Nepal. It was my introduction to the 3rd world (I'd hopped off the jet in Kathmandu from Sydney the previous day), with confronting images at every corner. This image is of a Hindu cremation ceremony, at Pashupatinath, on the Bagmati (holy) River, in Kathmandu. It was an intense sight, with half a dozen cremations in progress. The grieving families were spread along the Ghats, with acrid smoke giving the scene a stark reality that remains with me.   

The following image, it turns out, is probably my 1st Portraiture Session, pre-dating the subject covered in my previous Blog of yesterday by a couple of months. Which just goes to show you can't believe everything you read on the Net; even from a trusted (!) source like IAM. These little Angels were insistent that I shoot them, & they adopted the classic `Butter-wouldn't Melt ..' pose that they probably use on all the Trekkers that come their way. This was in the Annapurna region, in the Nepali Himalaya. These little Angels ran around our campsite for hours that night, in the rain, keeping our Trek leader on edge all night.

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