* A Grey Dawn - Oak Park 14th July 2014. July 14 2014

For a change, this morning dawned Grey & uninviting. Quite a change from recent weeks, where I've had mostly clear Dawns along with the odd semi-Cloudy one. This morning followed on from the Saturday evening, when I came to Oak Park to shoot the Full Moon, & failed due to the sudden Cloud cover. My 1st Exposure here is a 30 sec shot, @ 6.25am. The colour-cast from the Night-lights on the Esplanade lend a deep-golden hue. Torch-work assisted in defining the far rocks as well as the foreground. Looking South, across the Pool to Bundeena at the top of the image.

I shot this morning with the 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom, & enjoyed the challenge of compacted Compositions with the compression characteristic of Zoom Lenses. Exposure 0.4 sec @ F/3.5 at 6.44am. Low Tide makes the pool wall seem higher than usual. 

 No stunning pre-Dawn light this morning. Almost enough to give me Monday-itus. The mid-year holidays finish today - back to work, everybody !! HaveaGoodDay.

* Bundeena Driftwood @ 24mm - Poster Edges Texture. March 05 2014

Recently, I posted an image Blog about the last light of Day at Bundeena Wharf. Some Drift-wood (well, a Drift-Tree, really ..) featured in that image, & caught my imagination. In my mind's eye, I saw an image of quirky shape & beautiful wooden textures & colours, captured in perfect evening Light & immortalised forever as a Blog on the "Images at Murrays" Blog-page. I vowed I'd be back ..., & when I got back, some weeks later, the evening Light was dirty Grey, with heavy Cloud down to the horizon. Typical Sydney in Summer !!. Undeterred, I shot some images at wide angle, & in Processing, did some split-Toning & added a Texture to highlight the grain of the wood. And, I'll persist in my quest for Driftwood in perfect Light at Bundeena Wharf. Stay tuned !