My Favourite image - the chasing of Canola images around Canowindra (circa 2016) April 28 2018

My current Favourite image is really 2 images.

Canola & Trees in harmony on the Canowindra Rd .., &

A Study of Canola & Trees on the Canowindra Rd

I can't separate them. They were shot in sequence, & the success of that shoot marked the achieving of a particular goal. I still remember the impact seeing images of Canola fields in on-line image forums had on me. The shock-value of the most vibrant yellow I'd ever seen, often shot in superb contrast within delightful country settings. I had no idea where they were taken, & I'd never heard of the crop. I did my first Canola runs in the Spring of 2015. I was hooked, & I was unprepared. Canola season is early Spring, & I was still in Winter mode, trying for Spring snow-storm images. A couple of initial Canola runs with a friend that year had shown me that the Canola season had to be planned the same as the winter Snow runs. Long drives, with pre-visualised goals. The weather had to be watched. I didn't want to drive hundreds of kms to lose the shoot to rain. I wanted to shoot typical `Central Western NSW under Canola' images. That ruled out Pastels, so I didn't have to be shooting around Dawn. That was good... And, with my first `roo accident still very fresh in my mind, & having seen so much carnage on the roads from Canberra south to the Snowfields, I wanted to limit the Dusk & Dawn driving west of Goulburn, as much as possible.  

When the 2016 Spring came around, I was better prepared. I was hoping to avoid the `Canola-to-the-horizon' scenics that look so extraordinary in real life but so featureless & uninteresting on-line, & I'd found a site that looked exciting, although awkward to shoot. Lots of trees, mostly bunched near the fence, & sloping. I parked the car as safely as possible, fitted my longest zoom & started walking. If that sounds a bit random, yes. It is. Finding images is very difficult; shooting hand-held Panoramics isn't hard, but for every image that makes it onto a web-site, there's always lots of miles & lots of other images first. From memory, these images happened after Lunch (& there hadn't been anything before Lunch !!!), so I was feeling the pressure. The 1st image is a big scene, shot at 200mm; it has a great wide-field perspective that I love, with lots of points of interest across the image, but not so much depth that you switch off mentally. I was feeling a bit more positive.

 I continued walking, building a more condensed image in my mind.The 2nd image gave me a good connection with the features in the landscape. To see so many Trees in a Canola field is a rarity, so I was pretty happy after this. You're never sure the images will stitch, though, so you're on tenterhooks from that point until the images are successfully processed. That's always a relief, & both images were exactly what I'd hoped I'd find, with the weather & the Light being kind. These images came from the 1st of 5 Canola runs of Spring 2016, which was characterised by consistent rain events & heavy wide-scale flooding throughout the NSW Central West. As I prepare this Blog, 2 months later, the last Flood Warnings are being finalised, a long way downstream. These images can be found in the Country gallery, at: (above image), & (below)


Ask a Photographer about his or her favourite image, & watch the consternation build ... Images are typically gained after many months of planning & unsuccessful shoots. The first 2 images (see below) happened that way. When an image happens in that way, the pleasure is intense, as if to justify the struggle. Sometimes, though, an image happens quickly, & yet touches that perfect place in the brain. We often struggle to accept an image gained so easily, as if distrusting that an `instant' image can be as good. It's complicated ... My favourite Image can be expected to change, at any time.   

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