A Celebration of Spring - Kirribilli's `Jacarandah' Street (McDougall Street) - 6th Nov 2019 November 08 2019

The air was thick with the scent of Chinese Star Jasmine, which has been planted en masse in the gardens along the street. The atmosphere was buzzing, with an air of excitement. 

I'd caught the train to Milson's Point around lunchtime Wednesday, after seeing some images a friend had shot a week or so previously. 

As I walked into the street, dropping down the hill into the canopy & then below it, the combination of the intoxicating scent & the sight of all the Jacarandah blooms stretched wayyyy down the street provided a sensory special moment. I wasn't expecting such a sight; but there was something else. Then it hit me. The place was heaving with people ! The street & the pavements were filled with people. Traffic was struggling to move through the scene, with a lot of blowing of horns & people walking in all directions. Crikey !

Mum & Dad had planted a Jacarandah tree when I was born. I think it was a `thing' in the St George & Sutherland shire at the time. I spent a lot of time in `my' tree, & I can still feel the roughness of the bark. 

 Kirribilli was settled very early in Sydney's `white-fella' history, & the houses have lots of lovely old-time character, adding to the appeal. Many of the residents are elderly, & would have lived here for a very long time. Way before the `selfie' generation & the internet. 

 The houses get an exquisite view in Spring.

Pretty hard to have a bad day when you wake up & look out the window into that. How beautigful. 

The canopy was colourful, vibrant & extensive, with the mature trees encouraged to drape across the street. I'd bought along a 24mm Prime lens to shoot, hoping there would be lots of wide-scale compositions. 

With the sunny day, the colour was intense. The adjacent park was a spacious respite from the activity on the street. Lots of tourists with selfie sticks & mobile phones on tripods, a Bridal shoot, a tent pitched in the park for shade for 1 group. Lots of group photos, lots of DSLR & tripod-toting photographers. I did what I could to get images without traffic or the crush of people. It was, at times, intense.

I love this image. Typical of the whole day, there's people moving in every direction, throughout the scene. Particularly like the colourfully-dressed people gathered & posing for a group shot, with a intent woman in a deep-red outfit & a broad-brimmed hat, crouched into the shot. 

I do urge you to get along & see this. It's a very beautiful part of Sydney, & it'll never look better than it does right now, but there's more to it than beauty. This is a remarkable snap-shot of our fast-changing society, caught in a very beautiful & unique time-warp. The poor elderly locals don't know what's hit them. A special shout-out to the cute young Asian tourist dressed immaculately in her Donald Duck top, being photographed endlessly by her girl-friend, determined to catch her friend in a colourful maelstrom of blossoms. It was that kind of energy, up & down the street. Catch the train to Milson's Point & walk the 150 metres into McDougall Street. Take a picnic & sit in the park. Whatever you do, don't drive ..