* My 1st Portraiture shoot - a young Tibetan Pilgrim, at Ganden Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet. December 03 2014

I was wandering through my Hard Drive just now, reminiscing. I thought you'd be interested in my 1st Portraiture shoot. Whilst Trekking in Tibet in early 2009, our group visited Ganden Monastery, outside Lhasa. The whole experience was everything you could hope for in a day in Tibet, including this young Tibetan pilgrim asking to be shot with the monastery as a back-drop. I happily agreed, & shot half a dozen frames. She gave me her email address, & I sent her the jpegs when I arrived back in Oz. She was thrilled. I got the feeling she was on her own journey of discovery.


At that point, I'd decided to have a little Photography business as my semi-retirement activity (obsession !), after over-hearing a conversation between 2 Photographers the previous night. One of those pivotal times in your life...


The whole Trek (Nepal, Dubai, China, Tibet) was shot in jpeg. Might have to go back, & re-shoot ...!

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