* Light-Painting Tuition - You Can Do This ...! September 26 2014

   If you've been wondering how images like this are created (& yes, they are created; it's not just a matter of taking a shot ..), why not get some Tuition on how to do it. Light-Painting can be done with very basic gear, & exciting results are possible even in the convenience of your own Garden !  Exciting images are all around us, & with the wonderful versatility of current-day DSLR's, you can easily create your own Lounge-room Gallery of Framed originals. For Tuition in how to create quality images like this large-scale Exposure at the beautiful Wattamolla Lagoon, contact me through the Contact page of my Web-site. I'll talk you through some Details, & we're away ! Why not team up with a friend, for a 2-on-1 Photography tuition session that'll leave you excited at the possibilities in store. Go to the Contact screen, & leave a message for me. Let's start creating ..