* Greys Skies = Textures - Oak Park 15th July 2014. July 15 2014

It seems like ages since I saw a clear Dawn sky at Oak Park. A solid cloud cover gave a warmer morning, & I was comfortable as I concentrated on photographing the rocks & sand around the rocky foreshore. The 1st image highlights 1 of the features of the area. Shown here is the water that constantly seeps into the sea, coming from underneath the ground. The area is underlain  with a solid layer of rock,. which causes drainage issues amongst the land--owners here. At various points in the rocky foreshore, little rivulets of water can be found welling up from the water table. 

I love the outcrops of rock around the area. Fantastic textures & colours, worn smooth by the never-ending grind of waves & sand. The amount of sand movement here is amazing !

Shades of Grey, making capturing interesting compositions difficult. It's said that a worthy Photographer can shoot anything, & make it look interesting ...!!!

 Jibbon Head, parked beneath a solid layer of coastal cloud. Ah, the serenity (that's my `Castle' moment ..