* Major Swell, Beautiful pre-Dawn, Tuition classes (?) - Oak Park 10th July 2014. July 10 2014

With the Wedding Photographer's pet Lens mounted, I arrived at Oak Park about 70 minutes before Sun-up. Ready for anything. The forecast is for a major change in weather, with cold winds. I started shooting from the back of the Park. I could see cloud, or rather, 1 large Cloud. The 1st Exposure shows the slow build-up of colour (it took more than 30 minutes to reach it's peak). The park lights are on, & a car sits behind me with it's Head-lights on, as a Surfer studies the Swell. And there's lots to study. The Swell is big.  

The colour was beautiful, with Full Pastel Pinks. The Park lights were off by this late stage, giving the colour maximum effect. Gee, it's a beautiful place. The Council did a great job of the re-furbishment. It lends images of this sort a terrific structure. A Photographer's Dream. Just add colour !. This image ia available for purchase as a Framed Print, & can be found in the New Images galleries.

The swell was increasing as the Sun got above the horizon. The early Sun smashed us with a strong Gold colour, which I had to tone down in Processing. 

All along the walk-way above the coast, early-morning exercisers were taking in the increasing swell & the beautiful Sun-rise. Surfers were going out at Windy Point, to the North.

The rocks at Oak Park continue to fascinate me. I expect to see lots more rock tomorrow, with Sand being scoured away rapidly. 

A Study of the beautiful colour in the sandstone at water level. 

I took 1 for the team, here. I managed to get the gear up out of the way, & was left standing in a wave swirling up to mid-Shin. I didn't push my luck ... Tomorrow's Lens ? 35mm Prime. Conditions ?. I suspect tomorrow will be Stormy. As a late note, I'm having exploratory talks with a fellow Photographer, about running Tuition classes. I'll keep you posted. HaveaGoodDay.