* Perfect Dawn colour & the 85mm Portrait Lens - Oak Park 9th July 2014. July 09 2014

Oak Park this morning is dark, but with lots of stars. Not much breeze, so colour should be good. I chose the 85mm Prime Lens for this morning. Now, Oak Park isn't a big area, but 85mm is a Portrait Lens. This'll be interesting (this'll be tough ..!). 1st image is a detail of the rock at the steps into the pool at Oak Park. Torch Painted (I could hardly see the steps at this point).   

2nd exposure is the steps closest to the ocean, with Torch Painting. The tide's up, giving the result an ethereal effect. 

As the Sun approaches, the colour is magic. No cloud-cover today. Cape Bailey sits at the top of the image. I love how it forms a border to so many of the images you see of Cronulla. 

The view from Sandshoes reef to Windy Point is one of my favourites. The light this morning shows this scene at it's best. 

Those steps again, with Jibbon Head in the background. 

A big weather change from today. Windy & cold weather is forecast. Tomorrow could be anything. Today's Lens choice pressured me to shoot images that are condensed, but gave me the luxury of using Grad Filters to bring in the foreground. Tomorrow's Lens ? The Wedding Photographer's Lens; 24-70mm F/2.8 Zoom. HaveaGoodDay...