* A Lens Change - Oak Park 7th July 2014. July 07 2014

Cold & clear was the forecast once again, & I stayed under the covers a little longer, as a result. I wanted to concentrate on the after-Dawn light, today, as I was bringing a 70-200mm F/2.8 Zoom to Oak Park. I wanted to concentrate on the small picture today: Detail, Light & Compression. We're facing a major weather change in coming days, which could blow away the pollution that gives us our Dawn colour. I need to make the most of this beautiful Light whilst we have it. Typically, off-shore cloud delayed the Sun-rise. 

The seagulls have a cleaning session in the 1st rays of the Sun, every morning. 

This guy struck out on his own, to sample some of the Weed growing on the rocks. The other gulls were watching carefully, in case he got some food they hadn't seen.

Surfers were happy. There's a fair amount of swell on the horizon at the moment. The water's getting cooler, Macca tells me ..

Clean conditions with the off-shore breeze.

The rocks are a lovely aspect of Oak Park, especially around Sun-up. The Zoom Lens gave me lots of different options, this morning. I'll be using a different Lens every day; challenging myself to make the most of the compositions on offer with each Lens. HaveaGoodDay ...