* Leah-Anne Thompson & a Beautiful Dawn - Oak Park 6th July 2014. July 06 2014

It's always a tough process, doing a Blog. Getting out of bed, I find, is a breeze (well, relatively speaking). But, culling the images to a Bloggable few .. that's tough. For every image you people see each day, there's another 5 that show a part of the Dawn. And, getting out of bed to do this Blog each day, I find, leaves me in a good frame of mind. It starts my day well.

The 1st image is the `default' 30 sec exposure. It tells me about the Light (I'll define that better 1 day). Lots of Torch-work in this early image. 

6.02am. 30 secs @ F/11. No Filters. Lens 14-24mm F/2.8 @ 14mm.   

2nd Exposure was under-exposed to emphasise the Crepuscular rays. Beautiful colour, but remained Low to the horizon.

6.31am. 0.4 sec.

For the 3rd Exposure, I turned away from the Dawn, to catch the beautiful Light to the South-West. At 14mm, a huge Distance is covered in an image. Metering images like this must be accurate. 

6.36am. 0.3 sec

I don't often shoot away from the Dawn (often, I can't see the South-West from where I'm shooting). Today's Light around Dawn was delicate Pastels. Very beautiful. I wanted to highlight the Pool-edge, with the beautiful Sand patterns, taking advantage of the awesome reach of the Lens at 14mm. I chatted after the shoot with Leah-Anne Thompson, who shoots with a 5D3 & a 17-40mm F/4. She has a Facebook page, named LA Thompson. & she shoots good, folks ..! You can see Leah-Anne, perched up on the rocks, in the Red Parka. Another sensational Dawn at Oak Park. We're due for some tough weather, surely.. !

6.53am 1/5 th sec.