* Crepuscular Beauty & Rock detail - Oak Park 5th July 2014. July 05 2014

The sky was clear again, & thankfully, it was not as cold as yesterday. In fact, for the 1st time since I started this Blog, I walked back to the Car actually warm !!. That was a nice feeling. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I continued my Torch-work, with some beautiful detail images of the rocks, Sand & Crepuscular rays of the pre-Dawn.  

The Serenity & calm this morning was total. No surfers. No Jellybean Minstrels. I haven't seen them in some days, now. They may not like the Low tide, perhaps. It's probably less than waist-deep at Low tide.  

The resident mosquito-catcher paraded elegantly for me. I felt like David Attenborough. At the same time, a gaggle of Ducks hunted as a pack in the shallows outside the Pool wall, before moving quickly on. 

Another beautiful morning at Oak Park. Hullo, Bernadette !