* Clear & Cold, with Gear Problems - Oak Park 4th July 2014. July 04 2014

Thursday, July 4th dawned clear & Cold. 5 degrees C, on the Beach. And, I had gear problems. Actually, I blame my Torch, but I was the problem. I kep swivelling the foot of the Torch as I was swivelling the head, when turning it on. Except, it wouldn't turn on. It took 10 precious minutes to work out that I was breaking the contact in the Torch. At 5 degrees C, I wasn't impressed. The whole Caboodle nearly went in the pool, at the height of it ... This exposure was the 1st,. & last exposure of the pre-Dawn. Sorry !

6.02am Exposure; 30 secs @ F/11. (14mm). I love how the Cape Bailey Lighthouse peeps over the top of the Pool Wall (mid-way between the 2 signs). Some subtle Torch-work brings up the foreground detail... I had high hopes for this morning. Rats !!