* Oak Park @ 14mm; Oak Park 3rd July 2014. July 03 2014

Oak Park has enjoyed clear skies for days now. Time to shake things up, a bit. I decided to concentrate on the Pool, using a 14mm Lens to showcase the quiet beauty of the area. 14mm is wide, & is ideal for this, provided there is lots of foreground interest. Oak Park has lots of foreground interest. Starting at 6.17am, with some subtle Torch-work to outline the Pool fence, & get some detail on the floor of the Pool. I saw a baby Octopus rise fleetingly to feed at the surface yesterday. This view shows Jibbon Head & Bundeena behind the Pool.  

The Oak Park beach (not Patrolled, no Flags ..), with more Torch-work.

The Oak Park Pavillion, & the view toward Windy Point. Rocks everywhere with the Low tide...

 The reef is shallow, a beautiful Sunrise, & 1 of the bunch of early-morning regular Surfers ..

& the final exposure showing the colour in the growth on the rocks.