* Light-Painting (again) - Oak Park 2nd July 2014. July 02 2014

Awoke early again. Completely awake, at 4.40am. I knew the Dawn would be clear & early, so to do Light Painting (again !), I'd need to hurry. I didn't even look outside the kitchen window. I wanted to get images with a Light-assisted foreground & a subtlely-coloured background. Images that are in balance. Images that I can offer for Sale.. 

1st Exposure: 5.45am 141 sec @ F/8. 

2nd Exposure: 5.55am. 181 secs @ F/8. Pleasing amounts of detail, including the fantastic Sand & smashed-up Shells in the foreground.

3rd Exposure: 6.31am. 1 sec @ F/8. The Crepuscular rays were beautiful, again. No Filters today.