* Light Painting, cont'd (or, that's more like it ..); Oak Park 30th June 2014. June 30 2014

On Friday, my "Pre-Dawn Extended Exposure with Light-Painted foreground" session got smashed by 1 of the more Saturated Dawns you'll see. This morning, I took up where I left off, & was luckier this time around. The Dawn behaved itself, giving acceptable colour levels without dominating the more Subtle tones of the foreground.

88 secs @ F/8. 5.46am

These are big images. I'm concentrating on capturing as much image within the Light-Painted foreground as I can. I want to avoid the dark holes that result if the Torch-work is not up-to-Par.

98 secs @ F/8. 5.55am.

The Aircraft trails are impossible to avoid.. 

127 secs @ F/16. 6.01am.

69 secs @ F/16. 6.17am.

1.6 secs @ F/8. 6.32am.