* I'll do a bit of `Light Painting' this morning: Oak Park 27th June 2014. June 27 2014

Your'e going to have to accept my word, here. I swear I have not Saturated these images, Colourised, Intensified or otherwise `Photoshopped' these images, in any way. Mother Nature did it. And, for what little it's worth, the only image I like in this Post, is the 1st. The 1st image is close to what I set out to get, when I woke up this morning. All the other images are so hideously saturated, I struggled when Processing them. OK. Now read on.

I awoke early this morning, excited. It was 4.10am, & I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. Did my routine (Boot up the Coffee Machine & the Radar, in that order, peered outside, etc). I've been Light Painting in recent mornings, intent on catching the detail in the rocks around Oak Park. I was getting closer to the images I have in my mind's eye, & hoped today would do it. I like Subtlety in my images & my Processing. I don't like HDR, & Light Painting often ends up looking that way. Arriving at Oak Park, I had lots of time to organize myself. Composition was upper-most in my mind. The 1st image, I like. The sky doesn't clash with the more muted tones of the rocks. But shortly after this image, things started to get a bit out-of-control. 

I stood & watched as the Sky exploded with coloured Light. I kept shooting, but I had little control of what was happening. I had to keep Painting the foreground like a crazy man, as the exposure time shortened with the expanding Dawn. It was an awesome lesson in Saturation. 

The last image featured here will stay in my mind's eye for a long time. There was finally enough Light to support the foreground, without needing Light Painting to balance up the image. The beach turned this massive Red/Orange/Pink hue. Nature - totally out of control. Tomorrow ?. Heaven only knows...