* Promises, Promises ...; Oak Park 25th June 2014 June 25 2014

This morning's pre-Dawn promised a lot. The Trainer of the Boot Camp said so, & I agreed. We had thick coastal cloud, with a gap on the horizon. If the Sun's rays got under that, it would have been a massive sight. But the cloud was fast-moving, & it moved off the coast rapidly. Still beautiful. Difficult to shoot, with the slash of clear sky at the horizon. Protecting Highlights is crucial in pre-Dawn Scenics, otherwise you end up with a nasty slash of pure White amongst the beautiful colours.  

Knowing the colour was going to be a lesser aspect of this morning's images, I concentrated on 1 of my passions; capturing movement within images. The sun, when it topped the horizon cloud, gave a magic display of colour in the waves & on the rocks. A beautiful morning, at Oak Park. 1 solitary swimmer, today.