* Ngare's Corner: Oak Park 24th June 2014. June 24 2014

On a Windy morning, with the Snow-fields copping a major Dump (50cms in a night !!), & the wind-chill pushing the apparent temperature way below the 11 degrees C at Oak Park, I wasn't hopeful the Jellybean Minstrels would have a roll-up. And, so it proved. But Oak Park has lots more going for it. My 1st Exposure showed me lots of Stars, amidst the beautiful colour of pre-Dawn. I've not done any Astro-Photography yet, but it will probably happen shortly, with the clear skies we now have in Sydney. With some subtle Light-Painting of the foreground & the Pool safety-fence, ...

I swapped compositions, to detail some of the rock-shelf South of the pool. More subtle Light-Painting (less is more, I think ..). Heavy cloud on the distant horizon promised to make Sun-rise a delayed affair.

This image hints at the Chill. My hands were numb already ! The 7am Cargo-ship was 30 minutes early ! The colour was fading as the Sun gets closer to appearing.

The sun made a weak appearance, but was gratefully received. 

The regular Sea-gulls were waiting for the early swimmers. Sea-gulls don't feel the cold ..

The Sea-Moss is beautifully Saturated with the low rays of the Sun. 

Some of this morning's Blog was shot at Ngare's Corner. Situated at the southern entrance, the Metal Tag is one of many reminders scattered throughout the Oak Park area;  of special people who've left us.