* The Jellybean Minstrels under a Pastel Dawn; Oak Park 23rd June 2014. June 23 2014

One of the pleasures I get every morning I come to Oak Park, is to see the Jellybean Minstrels. As mentioned in some of my previous Blogs, a small group of local senior citizens gather, I think on week-day mornings, to start their day with a gentle swim, a chat & a couple of songs together. No doubt they've seen some special sun-rises, & today's was a beauty.   

I love the Oak Park Pavilion. It always looks good, with the Night-Lights still on, with the saturated tones of the early extended Exposures. No Filters yet.

The Surf-Ski paddler slips quickly through the Dawn ... with 3 stops of Grad Filters to bring up the Fore-ground.

The 1st 2 arrive, with assistance as always ...The incredible Pink tint of early Dawn is spreading quickly across the under-Layer, & changing quickly to a deeper hue that goes through Crimson & approaches Orange ..

Some gentle laps & the Dawn evolves. The cloud is moving quickly out to sea ..

 a third participant, & a Sea-gull awaits the morning Chorus ...

the 7am Cargo-ship enters Botany Bay, at the top of the image. The Sea-Gull enjoys the harmonies, & a solitary Photographer feels privileged, once again ...

Leaving the water, duty done, once again. The pastels of pre-Dawn disappear quickly. Monday 23rd June has begun, at Oak Park.