* Today didn't go to Plan: Oak Park 20th June 2014. June 20 2014

The plan for this morning's shoot was to sleep-in (a bit), arrive in time to shoot the Dawn & the 45 minutes following. I wanted to concentrate on the Golden colours of the Sandstone & the Kelp, & the Vibrance of the Green in the Moss on the exposed rocks, when the early rays of the Sun touch Oak Park. With the settled weather, I thought we'd be assured of clear skies. Wrong. I also didn't plan on sleeping through both Alarms (Crikey; I'm late !!). 

With the cloud cover, the Sun-rise was subdued, although very beautiful. The Golden rays were minimised by the cover, so that plan went out the window .. !

These images show that the sand is returning after the strong swell of earlier in the week scoured the reef. It's amazing how much sand movement occurs !

 Tomorrow (weather permitting), Cape Bailey Lighthouse !!. Very excited. Hope I sleep better than last night ...