* A more Gentle Dawn: Oak Park 18th June 2014 June 18 2014

A gentle South-Westerly breeze, with some overhead cloud. No colour, in fact no Light at all. That meant thick horizon Cloud. A pre-Dawn Boot-camp was in progress in the Park. That's impressive ! Small waves, so I could get daring if I saw the need. I set-up on the front of an outcrop of rock, facing the reef. I was surrounded with shooting options. The Low tide displayed the rocks like bones in my Torch. It looked amazing by Torch-light. I hoped I'd be able to pull the foreground into my images - it's Black as .., down there. I rigged up with 3 Stops of Grad Filter. The 1st image presented here was at 6.21am. 30 seconds @ F/11, with some Light Painting of the foreground. Note that this image has been brightened considerably, for Display purposes, as has Image #3).

 The 1st Surfer arrived, & he's not a Grommet ! 6.24am.

The 3rd image at 6.34am. 6 secs @ F/18. More Light Painting, still with 3 stops of Grad. 

 7.05am; 1/30th sec @ F/11, having added another 2 stops of Grad Filter, making 5 stops. With the Sun climbing above the thick Cloud bank, a Grommet bails out of a Wave, putting his faith in his Leg-rope.  

Another Day has started, at Oak Park. During the shoot, I spied a Photographer over by the Pool, looking very much the Photographer (hunched forward, intent on the scene in a tiny little square (what is it with these crummy little Viewfinders, anyway ..!!!). It proved to be Leisha Rose, although I didn't find that out until later - thank-you, Facebook ! Tomorrow, hopefully some extended Exposures in the pitch-Black, taking advantage of the Tide. Hope the Weather holds ...