* What a Difference a Day Makes - Oak Park 17th June 2014. June 17 2014

Oak Park this morning was quiet. Very different to yesterday, when I had to make a hasty retreat from a rising tide & a solid 2 metre swell. As well, it was not as cold this morning. 12 degrees C today. The sky had colour very early, leading to a clear & very beautiful Sun-rise. I positioned myself to take advantage of the Low tide. As far out on the reef as it is possible to get (past the end of the Pool). My 2 images today show the reef for which Sandshoes is famous in East-Coast surf-lore. There are some deep holes there. I had to be careful, especially in the Pitch-Black when I was setting-up. 

 The `Jellybean Minstrels' had a big role-up this morning, & the Singing was boisterous, with a dramatic `Oiii' at the finale. Richard, from Seabreeze Cronulla B+B swam Australian Crawl & Back-stroke, which I photographed for him to use as an email to overseas friends. As well, I spied a woman going through the crevices in the Reef, picking up pieces of rubbish. Richard had told me about a secretive person, who leaves rubbish piled up in a neat heap, in different places around the foreshore (rather like the little Tibetan prayer stones of my Travels). Tuesday 17th June had started in glorious fashion, at Oak Park. Tomorrow ?. I might Photograph Oak Park Beach. If I use a wide-angle Lens, that might make it look big enough to warrant a Surf Club !