* Crepuscular Rays & a Big Swell; Oak Park 16th June 2014. June 16 2014

I arrived at Oak Park at about 5.40am, in the dark, as usual. There was no early colour in the Sky, which surprised me. Usually, after a cold night, we get a clear Sky, which usually gives early colour. But there was something else, that was for sure. The Swell was up. Although I couldn't see it, I could hear it. Booming. The Tide had just turned, & was in-coming. I'd have to be careful about my Shooting position. 

I positioned myself on the leading edge of the exposed rock-shelf, confident (in the total darkness) that I'd assessed the situation safely, & left enough margin for Safety. My feet were about 1 metre above the Reef. Ultimately, it was just enough. I ended up moving in haste, after the 1st wave of a big Set washed around my Boots. If you've ever seen a Photographer hoick up a 2-metre Tripod, with a Camera/Lens/Filter in position, you've seen scared. I was lucky, in my 1st brush with the Coastal Dawn Photographer's worst nightmare. I retreated to higher ground, North of the reef, & watched as the Surfers tried to pick waves from among the close-out Sets. The pre-Dawn was beautiful, with Crepuscular Rays streaking up from the horizon. Stunning. The `Jellybean Minstrels' had been, sung & gone, & I was frozen, as usual. Another fantastic morning; another Day had begun, at Oak Park.