* The Oak Park Light-show, & the "Jellybean Minstrels" .. June 12 2014

Today was a great Day to get out of bed early. The pre-Dawn Light-show was smokin', & I talked to some Locals (after the shoot - not during the shoot ... !!!), who gave me the good guts on the small group of swimmers who gather at Oak Park pool every morning. 

I'd noticed that a group of middle-aged people gathered each morning, whilst I was shooting Dawns, at Oak Park. And, it suddenly dawned on me that there was singing coming from somewhere. Over time, I realised that the same 2 songs were being sung, each time. A couple of bars of `Oh, What a Beautiful Morning' & `Jolly Good Company'. Which was a blast, I thought. Then, today I connected with a couple of people, 1 of whom was a participant (my first Jellybean Minstrel !). She was suitably self-deprecating about it all, which was nice, I thought. But she was standing on the cool sand, with bare feet, in 11 degree C, whilst I'm barely visible through the scarves, beanies & layers of clothes I wear each morning, freezing all the while. She told me that they'd been doing this for 40 years (I kid you not !). 

As I plan to spend a fair bit of time shooting at Oak Park, I'll be in a good position to enjoy this morning sing-a-long. It's a great way to start the day. And, you can be sure; if there's any `spice', I'll be quick to pass it on ...