* Oak Park in the pre-Dawn; 29th May 2014 May 29 2014

We continue to get beautiful pre-Dawn Light in Sydney, & I keep getting up early enough to catch it, & bring it to you ...If I were fussy, I'd say some high-level cloud would have been good, but in all honesty, the memory of all the many months of ugly steel-wool Grey we had prior to now, is still fresh in my mind. This 1st image is the obligatory 30 sec Exposure at mid-Aperture (F/11) that I do at the start of every shoot. It tells me what the Light is doing. This pre-Filters exposure is helped along by the Oak Park Pool night-lights, which turned off just after this exposure. This shoot faced North, with Windy Point in the foreground, & the Kurnell Oil refinery, lit up like, well an oil refinery, in the distance.

The 2nd image is a 0.3 sec exposure. It continues my passion for images that have a framed outer image with a moving (& thus soft) inner image, as a point of interest. Cronulla, with it's semi-circular shape, is ideal for this style of image. It enables me to capture the vast spaces we have in our scenes in Australia, whilst ensuring the scene has points of interest. This image used 2 stops of ND grad Filters. The image shown below is available as a framed Print, & can be found in the 'New Images' gallery.