* Autumn shoot at Mt Wilson; my 2nd visit. May 05 2014

On my 1st visit to Mt Wilson, I thought I knew what to expect, but I was over-whelmed at the reality of the scenes I encountered. Mt Wilson sits at 1,000 metres, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Located on the notorious Bells Line of Road, North of Katoomba, Mt Wilson is far removed from a Cronulla photographer's normal environs. It's impossible to expect to photograph a new project effectively with 1 visit. I hadn't been prepared for the scale of the display or the colour. The Australian Bush I know has muted colours (1,000 shades of drab ..).  
So, on this 2nd visit (2 days after my recce visit), I wanted to capture formal compositions. Less emphasis on Bokeh & pastels, more on photographing the gardens as they appear.
The weather was cold (for an Aussie; 10 deg C). The light was changeable; Sun & Cloud at quick intervals. The cloudy periods had Low light levels, which I like when shooting nature; they also took away the problematic shadows, allowing the scene to be shot to best advantage. I enjoyed how the colours were such a dominant aspect of the shoot. I often found myself, crouched in a tree's lower foliage, shooting into a clearing, with colour all through my line-of-sight.
The hours passed quickly. I walked for hours with Tripod, 2 bodies & Lenses plus all the supporting paraphernalia Photographers seem to need (but never use !).
I shot the main street, & 1 formal Garden, with D700 bodies, a 14-24mm f/2.8 & a 70-200mm f/2.8. There are many more gardens, & true to form, I want to shoot them all. Now !!!
There's a lot more I could write in this Blog, but, really, the images do a better job ...In closing, I wanted to capture the scale & the colours of Autumn, in low-light.
I hope you love these images like I do.
Ps: these images can be purchased as Framed Prints. Some are displayed in the new `Colours of Autumn' gallery. Please contact me for further details. 
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